For the benefit of human and animal health, the mission of CARE is to ensure quality animal care and welfare while serving the Cornell research and teaching community through education and collaboration.

The Center for Animal Resources and Education (CARE) at Cornell University is a service and a resource to the AAALAC accredited Cornell research and teaching community. CARE provides high quality animal care and veterinary services, and advises and educates researchers, staff and students on animal experimentation issues while promoting best practices for the responsible use of animals. These actions result in quality science merging with animal welfare.

Veterinary Help

Private Clients

Please the visit the Cornell University Hospital for Animals by clicking this link for emergency contact numbers and information.

Cornell-Owned Animals

For veterinary medical emergencies or assistance with Cornell-owned animals:

  1. Dial 1-800-349-2456
  2. Ask to have the CARE group paged
  3. Give your name, phone number, and the facility you are calling from
  4. You may give some brief information
  5. Stay near your telephone until a CARE veterinary staff member calls you back
  6. If you don't receive any answer within 15 minutes, call again to make sure the page was delivered

For More Information

Please contact CARE by emailing