Non-financial agreements (NFAs) are non-monetary arrangements in relation to the conduct of research. 

NFAs regularly include conditions for control of proprietary information, publication, future intellectual property rights, insurance and indemnification and/or other limitations. The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for reviewing and approving these agreements. Non-financial agreements come in various types, suited to specific purposes, including:

Submitting NFAs

Note: the NFA form is not required for Addgene MTAs.

OSP has developed a single form for providing the required information. The form is tailored to the specific circumstances surrounding the use of incoming materials, data or information at Cornell, and is to be used instead of the Form 10. The NFA form may also be used for other non-financial agreements not listed above (Memoranda of Understanding, Collaboration Agreements, etc.)

Required Approvals

The NFA form must contain an approval signature from the PI prior to submission to OSP.

  • OSP will accept digital signatures, scanned PDFs, and email acknowledgements in lieu of original signatures.
  • In the case of email acknowledgement, attach the completed NFA Form to the email and indicate “I approve” in the body of the email.

Where to Submit

Send the completed NFA Form and all supporting documents to: