On Monday, January 3, 2022, eSirius was replaced with the Cayuse Animal Management System.

All data from eSirius was migrated to the new system.

Log in to with your Cornell NetID and password at this new URL: https://cornell.esirius.cayuse.com/. Be sure to update your bookmarks.

Note: You are no longer required to use the VPN when off campus.

Training & Support

Click the Cayuse Guidance Documents and Support button above for information about training and support. You can attend office hours for 1-1 support or sign up for training sessions. 


For help, questions, or feedback about the system, contact the Research Administration Information Services (RAIS) team at: rass@research.cornell.edu.

Follow the steps below in order to add a person to an approved IACUC protocol.

When is this type of amendment required:

  • When you want to add a person to the protocol because they will be involved with the activities on the protocol.

Required Cayuse section:

  • 6: Personnel List
    • Select the Add Personnel button.
      • Search for person using Last Name (and First Name if required) and select from drop-down list.
      • If the person does not appear on the drop-down list, and the person is a Cornell-affiliated person, click on the purple “click here” hyperlink in the statement above the name search box, “If the user is a Cornell employee, please click here to register the new user.”   
        • In the Add Cornell Contact window, search for the person’s name.
        • When the person’s name appears, highlight the row (turns blue) and select Add Contact.
        • Close the Add Cornell Contact window and proceed to enter information in the Personnel Info, Personnel Activities, and Training Profile tabs as described below.
        • If the person does not appear on the drop-down list, and the person is NOT a Cornell-affiliated person, contact the IACUC office to register the new person (IACUC@cornell.edu).  
      • Personnel Info Tab
        • Add contact information and the person’s role on the protocol.
      • Personnel Activities Tab
        • Select the activities the new personnel will be involved with in the protocol.
        • Select new activities for already existing personnel on the protocol when new activities are added to the protocol.
      • Training Profile Tab
        • Enter the person’s Degrees and Experience and Qualifications with respect to the activities that they will be involved in.

Note: No personnel are allowed to work with animals on a protocol, unless the amendment is approved by the IACUC, and the protocol reflects the addition of the personnel.