Adding Personnel to an Approved IACUC Protocol

On November 10, 2021, when logging in to eSirius from an off-campus location, you’ll need to connect to Cornell’s virtual private network (VPN) first. If you’re off-campus and NOT connected to the VPN, eSirius won’t work. You won’t see an error message, it will just appear that you can’t connect.

When using eSirius on campus nothing will change.

If you don’t have VPN installed on your machine, installation instructions are here: You must have administrative privileges on your machine to install new software. If you need assistance, contact your IT help group or the central IT Service Desk, via e-mail or phone at (607) 255-5500.

After November 10, when you want to use eSirius, connect to the VPN first. Instructions are available here:

Follow the steps below in order to add a person to an approved IACUC protocol.

When is this type of amendment required:

  • When you want to add a person to the protocol because they will be involved with the activities on the protocol.
  • When an individual already approved on your protocol is no longer involved with the study. (Why is this important? To maintain accurate information on your protocol and to ensure that training, AUHSP requirements and contact information on this individual are not a requirement for your annual reviews and 3 year renewals.)

Required e-Sirius sections:

  • 15: Personnel list: Add person
  • 15.1: Personnel Information: Search for person using NetID
    • Note: if the person is not on the contacts list in eSirius, you must add them to the contact list first, by selecting as "Add a person not on the list"
    • To ask to remove an individual click on the remove radio button.
  • 15.2: Personnel information: Add contact information, role on protocol, training and experience of the person with respect to the activities that they will be involved in.

(b): Add activities to an approved person on the protocol: When the person will be working on activities not previously stated on the protocol.

Required e-Sirius sections:

  • 15.2.1: Personnel Protocol Related Activities: Select the activities the individual will be involved in pertaining to the protocol.

Note: No personnel are allowed to work with animals on a protocol, unless the amendment is approved by the IACUC, and the protocol reflects the addition of the personnel.