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COVID-19 Resources and Information for Cornell's animal user community.

CARE will provide updates to our Coronavirus guidance here. Please check back regularly.

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As published in the working copy of the Cornell University Public Health Emergency Plan dated March 2020:

Essential Services are defined as those services that are critical to the functioning of the University and the well-being of students, faculty, staff, and facilities. Essential Services support mission essential functions of each individual college, division, unit, or department (e.g., research, teaching, feeding and housing students). Essential Services can be a regular and ongoing need (utility services, safety, and security, IT, medical needs, dining and housing, research animals, plants, or equipment), or can be situation-specific (peak periods of the year, an academic semester, day of the week). It is Cornell University’s goal to maintain these Essential Services even when the normal operating status of the University is modified or suspended. Any terms and conditions requiring notice to union leadership will be done in advance.

Employees who work in areas that have been pre-identified as essential service functions, or who have specialized training that is required to do the work, and/or have assignments directly related to the support of vital operations, will be required to report to work as scheduled and may be called to work when not scheduled. Employees from throughout the University may be reassigned to provide support in these areas to the extent they are qualified and available.