CARE Preparation for Phased Re-opening

CARE is preparing for the phased re-opening of research activities.

Guidance from Cornell Administration and the Committee on Research and Operations Reactivation released on Friday, May 22nd stated that research related to health and disease, agriculture/food, and national defense, and in support of other essential businesses can begin in a limited manner as soon as May 29, 2020.

Individual lab re-opening plans must receive departmental and college approvals before research can resume. CARE will ensure a smooth and safe re-activation of research involving animals.

We are aware that many projects require extensive breeding of animals or ordering of animals from vendors. It can take months to generate experimental animals.

On Friday, May 29, 2020, restrictions on animal breeding and on placing animal orders were removed. Approval to resume research activities from your departmental chair or college dean is required to place animal orders and to resume breeding.

  • Animal ordering - Please state that research has been approved in the notes section of the animal order in Cayuse Animal Management System (formally eSirius) AND forward approval to the CARE facility supervisor when placing an animal order.
  • Animal breeding - Before resuming breeding activities, send approval to

If your lab utilizes the CARE Breeding and Colony Management Service, contact your breeding coordinator to communicate changes in breeding plans. In order to minimize delays in re-activation of research activities, CARE is ready to support increases in animal breeding starting Friday, May 29, 2020.  If you currently do not use this service but wish to, do not hesitate to contact Breeding coordinators may be available to help during this time on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know if you have questions regarding this transition.

Current New York State and University guidance states that all employees must wear masks if social distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained. Due to this guidance and the limited space in animal facilities, a mask must be worn at all times in the animal rooms and common areas/hallways in the animal facility. If you need to go into the animal facilities, please bring your own mask. Cloth masks are approved to wear in the animal facilities. CARE is assessing PPE options and further guidance on PPE in the vivaria will be communicated when a plan is in place.

Additional signage will be placed at the entrance to and throughout each vivaria, reflecting updated PPE requirements. There may be minor differences in PPE requirements between facilities. All signage must be followed in the animal rooms and in the animal facility common areas.

We anticipate most animal rooms to have enough space to accommodate six-foot distances between CARE and research staff at all times. This requires all individuals to be respectful and maintain self and spatial awareness. If it is determined a particular room is generating too much traffic (CARE and research staff) and appropriate social distancing cannot be maintained, CARE will establish calendars to manage room occupancy.

Thank you and please let us know if you have questions or concerns at this time.

The CARE team