Dealing with Research Misconduct

All members of the Cornell community have a responsibility to report suspected research misconductRCR staff can consult with you about reporting suspected research misconduct; you can also make an anonymous report using EthicsPoint.

University Policy 1.2 on Academic Misconduct describes the process for reporting and how confidentiality will be protected.  Generally speaking, the Dean of the Faculty will conduct a preliminary Inquiry into the allegations and, if warranted, refer the matter to the appropriate Dean of the college or unit head to conduct a formal Investigation. If the affected research is supported by sponsored funds, or if there is need for protection of people, equipment or funds, the Vice Provost for Research will be notified and take the necessary administrative actions, and notify sponsors if appropriate or required. If misconduct is found to have occurred, the Dean of the Faculty will take appropriate next steps that may include repairing any damage the misconduct has caused and imposing an appropriate disciplinary penalty.

Throughout the process, those conducting the review are charged with taking all reasonable precautions, consistent with the need for a complete and comprehensive review, to maintain confidentiality and to protect the rights and legitimate interests of both the person making the disclosure and the subject of the review.