eCOI Help: Manage Relationships Page

You have indicated that you are looking for help with the manage relationships page in eCOI. That page is where PHS-funded researchers tell us whether there is a relationship between any of their entities and either the travel they have reported to have undertaken or their PHS-funded projects.

Below are some tips on how to use this page. If you need more information, please see our comprehensive eCOI help page or contact the COI office at 

Please note that previous actions that you’ve taken in eCOI may affect what you see on this page, so although it will be similar, what you see in eCOI may not look exactly like what is shown in the help below.

What am I supposed to do on this page?

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This page is split into two sections:

  1. PHS awards/proposals
  2. Reported travel

In both of these sections, all of your entities will be listed below each of your awards/proposals or travel. Click on the checkbox next to each entity to indicate that that entity is related to the award/proposal or travel. If there is no relationship, click “This is not related to my interest in any of the entities above.”

PHS Awards/Proposals with "This is not related to my interest in any of the entities above." option circled and checked

If you indicate that there is a relationship with an entity, a text box will open up. Use this box to describe the nature of the relationship with the entity.

The text box to be used for the description of the relationship with the entity is circled.


I responded to the questions on this page, clicked next, and am on the same page again. Is something wrong?

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Nope – you are actually seeing two different pages. One asks you about relationships between your entities and travel you have undertaken or PHS-sponsored proposals/awards that you added in this report. This is indicated at the top of the page:

Image of the opened "Relationships" tab

The other version of this page asks you about relationships between your entities and travel you have undertaken or PHS-sponsored proposals/awards that you added in a previous report:

Image of the "Previously reported Travel or Awards" section circled

On both of these pages, we are asking you to indicate – for each travel or award listed – whether there is a relationship with one of your reported entities.

One of my entities/travel/awards or proposals is not listed. How do I add it?

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At the top of the page there is a link to add these things. Clicking it will take you back to the beginning of your report, where you can add anything needed.

Image of where to click when another entity, award, or reimbursed travel has to be added.