Submit a third year renewal for existing IACUC protocol

On November 10, 2021, when logging in to eSirius from an off-campus location, you’ll need to connect to Cornell’s virtual private network (VPN) first. If you’re off-campus and NOT connected to the VPN, eSirius won’t work. You won’t see an error message, it will just appear that you can’t connect.

When using eSirius on campus nothing will change.

If you don’t have VPN installed on your machine, installation instructions are here: You must have administrative privileges on your machine to install new software. If you need assistance, contact your IT help group or the central IT Service Desk, via e-mail or phone at (607) 255-5500.

After November 10, when you want to use eSirius, connect to the VPN first. Instructions are available here:

How to submit a three year renewal in eSirius

  1. Click on
  2. In the section "Alerts- 3rd year review", you will find a listing for the expiring protocol(s).
  3. To start the three year renewal, click on the Protocol number (in blue). DO NOT SELECT THE OPTION "Create a protocol from an existing protocol". This will assign a new protocol number to your 3 year renewal application.
  4. On the next page enter a brief progress report on your protocol. Indicate if the protocol will be renewed, or will lapse/terminate upon expiration.
  5. To renew the protocol: select the pages from your original protocol that you want to copy into your resubmission. This will bring the information from the relevant pages into the form that you will be working on.
  6. Carefully update, add or remove the information on this protocol as if you were submitting a new protocol. For example if you adding species, procedures, locations etc., select the appropriate sections of the protocol to make changes.
  7. You can save this protocol and update it later. You will find the protocol in the "Unfinished Protocols" section with a document type of "Full Review".
  8. When you are done making your changes, your protocol will retain the same protocol number as the original one.
  9. To terminate the protocol: indicate the disposition of the animals. The protocol will continue to appear on your home page in "IACUC" status until the IACUC Administrator approves the termination. Once the protocol is terminated, you will receive a notification from eSirius to that effect.
  10. Complete the information on your protocol and submit to the IACUC. You will receive an email confirmation when the protocol has been submitted. The protocol will no longer be in "Unfinished" status.
  11. The IACUC will put your protocol on the agenda for the next IACUC meeting and review your protocol as a new submission. During this time, the protocol will continue to be on your eSirius home page in "IACUC" status.