Protecting an Invention, Creation, Discovery

Management and ownership of inventions and related property rights

A principal mission of Cornell University is the pursuit of knowledge for the benefit and use of society.

The university recognizes that inventions and discoveries of commercial importance are a natural outgrowth of the pursuit of this mission and that the proper management of these inventions and related property rights often results in public usefulness of new ideas and discoveries.

In support of this mission, and per Cornell University Policy 1.5, Cornell asserts ownership of inventions and related property rights arising from the activities of its faculty, staff, students, and others who use university resources, including those provided through an externally funded grant, contract, or other type of award or gift to the university.

Cornell University requires individuals, as conditions of their university appointments or their use of university resources, to assign to the university all right, title, and interest in their inventions and related property rights that result from activity conducted in the course of their university appointments and/or their use of university resources.

Disclosures, patents, material transfers, and licensing are handled by the Center for Technology Licensing (CTL). The Center manages technology for Cornell's Ithaca campus, Weill Cornell Medical Colleges, Cornell Tech, and Cornell AgriTech in Geneva. CTL provides guidelines, policies and procedures for IP carve-outs, policies relating to plant breeding programs, and more.