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  • Proposal Development. Department or unit research administrators can provide the appropriate forms and resources required to assemble and route your proposal for review and approval. They can help you with budget development, completing forms, compiling current and pending funding tables, and collecting biographical sketches. Contact your department or college to learn about the research administrative support services offered by your unit.
    • CALS, and CVM have specialized support offices to assist you.
    • Researchers from the College of Engineering are supported through the Pre-Award Research Operations (PRO) team
    • Cornell Research Concierge Service provides research-related assistance and resources for faculty new to Cornell University.
    • Research Development services can help facilitate proposal development and success in competitions for large, extramural, multi-investigator grants and contracts, including multidisciplinary center and facility proposals, training grants, early career awards, and other major awards. Note: even if your project does not fit the criteria, a consultation with research development staff at OSP or CALS OSR can be beneficial to you.  
    • If you're working with OSP, they will review your proposal. Pay attention to the deadlines in order to receive a full review. 

Tip: Your science/technical content does not have to be complete when you submit to OSP. You can keep working while OSP reviews the rest of the proposal. 


  • Submission.
    • CALS and CVM have offices to assist with submission. If you're in one of these colleges, contact the appropriate office. 
    • For other units and departments, the Office of Sponsored Programs submits sponsored research proposals on behalf of Cornell. Grant and Contract Officers (GCOs) offer assistance, including clarifying sponsors' submission procedures and interpreting university policy. 
    • For collaborations with Weill Cornell Medicine, a unified process includes a special form to use with submission and considerations for preparing the budget correctly. See the Academic Integration site for details


Rigor and reproducibility. Review Cornell's resources to help you address the topic of rigor and reproducibility (R&R) in research as you prepare your proposal.
Proposal submission systems. Use the following systems for the development and submission of a sponsored project proposal. You may choose the system, but in some cases an particular option is mandated by the sponsor. Your GCO can help choose the system, if you're unsure.

    Conflicts of Interest

    Making your Budget

    Foreign Activities

    • If your project includes foreign activities, including travel, collaboration with consultants or subcontractors (here or abroad), or overseas shipments, contact your GCO or the Export Controls Officer as early as possible. They'll help determine if additional steps need to be taken to ensure that the project is carried out as seamlessly as possible. More information is available in the Export Controls section

    Data Planning