Post-award changes resulting from circumstances not anticipated during the proposal stages of the project are sometimes necessary. These changes may be programmatic, contractual, or financial in nature.

Project Changes and Prior Approval Requirements

While some changes may be processed by the administering unit, Sponsored Financial Services (SFS), or the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP), others require the sponsor’s prior written approval. The level at which approval may be granted and the timing for submission of prior approval requests depends on the nature of the change, the type of sponsored research award, and the sponsor’s specific policies for that type of award. Refer to the sponsor’s guidelines, award documents and contact your Grant and Contract Officer.

  • Awards using Federal Research Terms and Conditions (RTC). The federal government, based on collaborative work with the research community, developed standard grant Research Terms and Conditions (RTC) now in use by several federal sponsoring agencies. The federal-wide Research Terms and Conditions page on the National Science Foundation website explains each of the Research Terms and Conditions as well as a link to each participating federal agency’s specific RTC.
  • Awards not using RTCs. For federal agencies not utilizing RTCs, contracts, cooperative agreements and non-federal sponsored programs (e.g. industry, foundations, foreign government, non-profits), consult the terms of the agreement for guidance as requirements vary depending on the sponsor’s policies. If the award does not include specific requirements Principal Investigators (PI) should contact their Grant and Contract Officer.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) must submit all prior approval requests to sponsors.

Examples of Changes 

  • Changes in the scope of work (SOW) 
  • Change of Principal Investigator or significant reduction (>= 25%) of effort 
  • Change in Key Personnel 
  • Changes/additions to collaborating institutions/subcontractors responsible for carrying out a portion of the SOW 
  • Re-budgeting beyond level permitted in award 
  • Carry-forward of funds from one budget period into the next within a project period unless previously authorized 
  • Supplemental Funding Request 
  • No cost extension of the budget or project period (extension of time without additional funds)

Start Submission of a Change Request

Requests should be submitted to OSP via RASS. See step-by-step instructions