National Security Presidential Memorandum-33 (NSPM-33) directs federal agencies and departments to focus on improving research security in the following areas:

  1. Disclosure Requirements and Standardization
  2. Digital Persistent Identifiers
  3. Consequences for Violation of Disclosure Requirements
  4. Information Sharing
  5. Research Security Programs within research organizations, that include:
    • Cybersecurity
    • Foreign travel security
    • Research security training
    • Export control training

The federal agencies will apply NSPM-33 requirements to all research universities that receive an excess of 50 million dollars per year in federal research funding. Cornell University fits this criterion and as such is required to implement a research security program.

What is the purpose of NSPM-33?

The White House Office of Science Technology and Policy (OSTP) has stated three primary purposes:

  • to protect America’s security and openness;
  • to be clear so that well-intentioned researchers can easily and properly comply; and
  • to ensure that policies do not fuel xenophobia or prejudice.

When does Cornell need to comply?

OSTP has been directed through the National Science and Technology Council to develop the implementation guidance with the goal of providing clear and effective rules for ensuring research security and researcher responsibilities. Research organizations will have one year from release of the OSTP guidance to fully implement their research security programs.

How is Cornell preparing?

Cornell is fully committed to timely and complete compliance with NSPM-33. We are closely monitoring the regulatory requirements and preparing for the anticipated OSTP guidance. We will be conducting broad outreach, so that researchers understand what will be required of them.

Where can I read more about NSPM-33?

Who can I contact with questions? Where can I get more information about Cornell's Program?

Please contact 

For additional information, the following policies and websites are relevant to NSPM-33 compliance and represent a portion of Cornell’s commitment to research security, integrity, and compliance: