Get Help

Your research administrator or department administrator should be your first contact for budget questions during proposal development. After you've received an award, see the Project Finances page for help.  

Tools and Templates

Deadlines/Scheduling Considerations

  •  Submit to OSP even if your science/technical content is not complete. Your proposal will only receive a full review from OSP if it is submitted at least 5 business days before Cornell's submission deadline (which may be different than the sponsor submission deadline). The Proposal Review Guidelines explain more about the deadlines. 
  • Pay attention to the project years your proposal covers. Be sure you're using the applicable rates because they can change (escalate) over time. 

Include in Your Budget

Your project budget should be a reasonable estimate of costs, categorized appropriately. 

Note: If the sponsor requires hourly rates for salary, contact your GCO. Cornell doesn't support hourly billing for staff. 

Best Practices