Industry Exchange

December 07, 2020  -  December 08, 2020

Industry Exchange

Penn State's industryXChange 2020 will bring together industry, faculty and government agencies virtually to jointly explore collaboration opportunities in the area of artificial intelligence/machine learning. You and your team members are invited attend the event and explore new collaborations. There is no cost to attend.

Event breakouts include:

  • AI in cybersecurity (infrastructure, network, data, endpoint security, and access management)
  • AI in energy (grids, battery technology, electro mobility, maintenance of networks, virtual power plant, energy forecasting, energy efficiency and energy accessibility)
  • AI in health care (diagnostics, treatment, patient management, and administrative applications)
  • AI in manufacturing (QC, designs, production reuse, and predictive maintenance)
  • AI in transportation (autonomy, safety, traffic management, and mobility)

New sessions this year include:

  • Industry reverse pitch: Industry partners are invited to present their non-confidential research needs and collaboration opportunities in each breakout. Only three slots/breakout are available, so please let us know if you have an interest in discussing your needs at industryXchange.
  • Graduate student networking: Attend to connect with our graduate students and post-doctoral associates.