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July 25, 2023  -  July 25, 2023
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Tech Transfer Central Live Webinar

Building a Strong, Diverse Talent Pipeline: A Key to Forging Long-Lasting Corporate Partnerships

Industry needs your university’s help in building a future-ready workforce. Your ability to satisfy their talent needs can bring with it a steady stream of valuable partnerships and expansion of existing collaborations. But you’ve got to know how to grab the opportunities and effectively tailor your talent development programs.

To help you attract more corporate partners by developing and expanding your industry-focused talent pipeline programs, we’re convening three industry engagement leaders from MIT, Johns Hopkins, and UW-Madison, who are ready to share their best practices and the key strategies behind successful talent development programs.

Access to diverse student talent has become a huge factor in attracting industry partnerships as the competition for the best and brightest from university campuses has become fierce. Corporations are in desperate need of employees with skills in the latest technologies who are prepared to contribute to their future growth plans in a rapidly changing landscape.

So how do you curate an attractive talent pipeline and effectively spread the word that your student population is a well-stocked, diverse talent pool that can meet industry’s needs? By actively listening to corporate talent needs and integrating talent development as a key component of holistic university-industry partnerships.

Join our esteemed panel of presenters – John Garnetti from UW-Madison, Todd Glickman from MIT, and Amy Braun, PhD, with Johns Hopkins School of Medicine — for this strategy-packed webinar.

This program will focus on developing experiential learning programs for talent pipeline creation, dtudent engagement by companies beyond recruiting, integrating equity through DEI-focused collaboration, and more. Plus: Get all of your questions answered during the interactive Q&A portion of the program.