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September 27, 2023
11:00 a.m.

Technology Networks - Online Symposium

Advances in Drug Discovery & Development 2023: This online event is aimed at those working within academia and pharmaceutical drug development, who want to hear from experts across their field. Focus will be given to the latest advances in small molecule drug discovery and development, biopharma and biotechnology.

This online symposium will cover:

  • Accelerating drug discovery through AI 
  • Molecular dynamics simulations for novel drug targets 
  • Allosteric small-molecule activation of PI 3-kinase for cardioprotection and neuroregeneration 
  • Analytical solutions for challenging nitrosamine quantitation using LC-MS
  • Screening in organoids and complex 3D assays using high-content imaging
  • Paucity of novel oncology targets 

Link to the Agenda