IRB Renewal Application Form

To request continuing IRB approval

UPDATED 02/22/2021:

The IRB committee and staff continue to function remotely during regular business hours. You can reach us via email at

In May 2020, the Cornell Research and Operations Reactivation Committee published a guide for the safe restart of the university's research, including the requirement that researchers must submit a reactivation plan to their college/unit for approval before returning to campus. This requirement still stands. In-person human participant research may be allowed on campus, and these guidelines for reactivating in-person human participant research provide a means for each college/unit to decide if a research reactivation plan can be approved. Any changes to IRB protocols must also be reviewed by the IRB.

The IRB also published additional guidance for investigators on conducting in-person research during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please review the guidance, and also visit the IRB COVID-19 FAQs page periodically for updates. Thank you for your patience and cooperation, and please contact the IRB if you have any questions.

To file a renewal application for an established IRB protocol, please complete the below form and submit to

IRB Renewal application

Note: under the revised federal regulations (effective January 21, 2019), only Full Board IRB protocols need continuing review (renewal).