Amendment to Subaward Agreements

In most cases, the terms and conditions of a subaward will remain unchanged for the duration of the subaward. However, during the term of a subaward, it may be necessary to change or modify one or more of the terms and conditions of the subaward.

Amendments to the subaward, such as time extensions, rebudgeting or fund changes are accomplished by an amendment to the subaward.

Some changes, such as scope of work or PI may require sponsor approval before an amendment can be issued.

Requests for changes should be submitted by the subrecipient's authorized official to the unit administrator, have the approval of the Cornell PI, and where appropriate, the prior approval of the prime sponsor.

If prime sponsor prior approval is required, the unit submits a modification request on the prime award in RASS and the GCO will request sponsor approval for the change.

The request to change the subaward is submitted by the unit to OSP via RASS.

Note: If there is a change in the total estimated cost, a revised budget must be incorporated with the amendment. 

The Subaward Team reviews the subaward modification request for accuracy and completeness and approvethe request or returns it to the unit for modification.

Once the modification request is approved, the Subaward Team:

  • Determines the appropriate subaward amendment template,
  • Reviews the prime award and prime sponsor guidelines and regulations to determine if any changes impact the subaward.
  • Reviews the subrecipient monitoring information currently on file and obtains and reviews any updated information as needed, including, but not limited to, the most recent audit, subrecipient profile, and/or federally negotiated rate agreement.
  • Determines if any current subrecipient monitoring information impacts the risk rating of the subrecipient and updates Cornell’s records accordingly.
  • Incorporate any changes into the subagreement amendment document.
  • Drafts the amendment and negotiates terms, if necessary.
  • Executes and distributes the amendment.