Billing (Invoicing) Sponsors

With the exception of automatic and/or scheduled payments, Sponsored Financial Services (SFS) is responsible for billing all sponsors. Billings are done through letter-of-credit drawdowns, installments, and cost reimbursable agreements on a monthly basis unless otherwise stated in the award document.

Every sponsored project needs to have language in the agreement that explains the following:

  • How the sponsor plans on paying for the agreement
  • Where the sponsor wants the university's invoices to be mailed, and who at the agency can be called for questions regarding billing format
  • Who at the sponsoring agency is responsible for making payments. Information should include name, address, phone number, and email address¬†
  • What type of information is to be included on the invoice

When a sponsor requires that expenditure detail be included with the invoice, the unit must provide it if it is unattainable/questionable by SFS. All detail provided must tie to and be verified against the general ledger.