Direct and Indirect Cost Examples

Examples of costs commonly associated with sponsored projects, showing which are normally direct or indirect (F&A).

Appendix A: Normally Direct and Normally Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs
(From University Policy 3.18, Charging Directly to Sponsored Projects Costs)

Data Communication Wide area network (WAN) usage necessary to meet the goals of the project (must be specifically budgeted, justified, and approved (or not disapproved specifically) by the sponsor) Backbone/wireless services, port fees, and wide area network (WAN) usage related to administrative activities
Salaries and Wages, Employee Benefits Faculty, technicians, research associates and assistants, including graduate research assistants and other students performing scientific or technical work, postdoctoral associates, and other technical and programmatic personnel necessary to meet the goals of the project Administrative and clerical positions such as administrative assistants, accountants, and office personnel, including student workers, purchasing agents and buyers; administrative activities of directors and assistant and associate directors, executive assistants, and other administrators
Services Consultant’s fees, printing, reprints and page charges, photography and photocopy charges. Repairs and maintenance (related to scientific and technical equipment) Legal and financial services, insurance, general recruitment advertising; repairs and maintenance (facilities and general-purpose equipment); and administrative computing
Supplies Laboratory and scientific supplies, chemicals, glassware, field supplies, compressed gases and liquids, radioactive material, software, and animals Office Supplies, custodial supplies, parts and supplies associated with repair and maintenance of general purpose equipment and facilities, paper, forms, general purpose books, and reference materials
Travel That which is required to carry out the objectives of the sponsored project That which is related to administrative activities
Other Operations Telephone (including fax) toll charges; laboratory, scientific, and field non-capital equipment; lease/rental of vehicles and other equipment; lease/rental of off-campus facilities; participant expenses and student/trainee non-compensatory support (training grants), subject pay, and sub-agreements; consortia fees; and technical and scientific capital equipment Postage (including express delivery, etc.); telephone - basic service, installation, repair, and line charges (including cellular, 800, and fax); general purpose capital and non-capital equipment; utilities; dues/memberships (other than those specifically required) in business, professional, and technical organizations; and subscriptions