Financial Conflicts of Interest Committee

The Financial Conflicts of Interest Committee (FCOIC) reviews the financial interests of faculty and academic staff and identifies potential financial conflicts of interest (FCOI) related to Cornell research. If a conflict exists, the Committee will help manage it.

Letter of introduction from the Committee Chair and Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation


The objective of FCOIC is to ensure that all real or apparent FCOI related to research are appropriately managed. The FCOIC reviews financial disclosures, identifies any conflicts of interest, and develops plans to manage those conflicts, in consultation with unit heads and others as appropriate. In addition, the Committee investigates any non-compliance and reports its findings in accordance with applicable policies and regulations. Members of the FCOIC also participate in the review and approval of proposed policies and procedures, and management plans proposed by the COI staff.

Who is on the FCOIC?

Members of the FCOIC are appointed by the Vice President for Research and Innovation. The Committee must include as voting members no fewer than seven members of the Ithaca faculty, chosen from both the endowed and contract colleges. The FCOIC also includes, as non-voting members, university administrators, including representatives from the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance, the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Center for Technology Licensing, and the Office of University Counsel.

Meetings and Structure

The FCOIC meets monthly, and members serve three-year terms.