PI Dashboard

The PI Dashboard (pidash.cornell.edu) is designed to answer questions about the financial aspects of research projects at Cornell.

The PI Dashboard is being developed under the direction of a faculty advisory committee and with additional faculty input on content and ease of use.

Who Uses the PI Dashboard?

Mainly Cornell researchers and people who support them in their work (PIs and Research Administrators). 

What Kinds of Questions Does the PI Dashboard Answer?

  • Am I on track to spend all of my money on schedule? 
  • Who is being paid on my projects? What percent of their effort is on my projects?
  • What was purchased on my projects?

PI Dashboard Access for Administrators

  • Your Act-As privileges in the PI Dashboard are the same as in the Accounting (OBIEE) Dashboards.
  • The colleges and units have different guidelines for authorizing Act-As Proxy permissions. Normally you can start by contacting your Financial Service Center. They can work with the Authorized Authorizers for your unit to set up the access you need.
  • Once you have act-as privileges in the Accounting (OBIEE) Dashboards, it may take one or two days for the PI Dashboard to catch up.
  • Administrators who can act as a faculty member can see what the faculty member sees in the PI Dashboard including labor details they may not see elsewhere.

More Information

See the PI Dashboard Guide for more information including a Feature Tour