Pre-Proposals, White Papers, and Letters of Intent (LOI)

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) has established guidelines for submission and approval of pre-proposals, white papers, and letters of intent (LOI)

OSP will review and submit pre-proposals, white papers, and letters of intent when:

  • Institutional endorsement is required by the sponsor.
  • A detailed budget is included in the submission. A proposal that includes a rough order of magnitude or an estimated total does not constitute a detailed budget.
  • Quantified cost share is included in the submission.
  • The PI or department/unit requests OSP review and submission.
  • The pre-proposal is in response to an industry solicitation or funding announcement, including SBIRs/STTRs.

To facilitate the submission and internal tracking, please provide draft, unsigned Form 10s with the PI, Sponsor, and Project information completed. Signed Form 10s are not required for these submissions unless cost share is committed.

All pre-proposal or estimated budgets submitted to industry partners that are not reviewed or submitted by OSP should include the following statement: “This is an estimate provided for planning purposes and does not constitute a binding commitment on behalf of Cornell University.  If a firm offer is desired, Cornell University’s Office of Sponsored Programs will provide a formal proposal upon request.”

Please contact your Grant and Contract Officer with any questions or concerns.