The Pre-Award Research Operations (PRO) team provides efficient, friendly, and professional proposal development and support services to the College of Engineering, the College of Arts & Sciences, Cornell Tech, Architecture, Art and Planning, Cornell Law School, and CLASSE. 

PRO's purpose is to reduce the administrative burden of proposal preparation so that researchers can focus on the technical or scientific components of their proposals, thereby increasing the chances of success.

Our Services

  • Review and interpret sponsor solicitations for proposals
  • Prepare summaries of required proposal documents and templates of common proposal elements
  • Draft Current & Pending/Other Support documents
  • Develop budgets, including detailed financial budget and narrative justification
  • Prepare and assemble proposal packages, including completion of electronic applications
  • Interface with internal and external collaborators to collect required documents (CV's, letters of support, subaward documents, etc.)
  • Initiate RASS project record and route for approval
  • Liaise and collaborate with the assigned Grant & Contract Officer through the successful submission of the application for funding
  • Support revised budget requests, NIH Just-In-Time submissions, incoming sponsored award transfers, and complex research center proposals
  • Identify and disseminate funding opportunities to supported faculty

Image: Headphones iconReceiving Support

Our team is available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm.

Researchers are invited to send proposal notifications to the PRO team by completing a short Proposal Notification form. A Pre-Award Specialist/Grant Coordinator will be assigned to the proposal within one business day and will follow up with the researcher and the researcher's department to provide proposal specific guidance and support.

Other requests for support or inquires can be directed to the PRO Team Inbox,

Our Team & Assignments:

Su GhoshSu Ghosh, Team Lead
Alan ChenAlan Chen 
Grant Coordinator
(607) 255-1883
Engineering: MAE
Roger MillerRoger Miller
Pre-Award Specialist
(607) 255-4252
Engineering: BME
Nick EvanoskiNicholas Evanoski
Grant Coordinator
(607) 255-2543
Engineering: BME
Matthew RobinsonMatthew Robinson
Pre-Award Specialist
(607) 255-9355
Engineering: MAE
Samantha GraceSamantha Grace
Pre-Award Specialist
(607) 255-2528
Cornell Tech
Christine SislakChristine Sislak
Pre-Award Specialist
(607) 255-3678
Engineering: AEP
Giselle MairaGiselle Maira
Grant Coordinator
(607) 255-1238
Engineering: EAS; ORIE
Cindy VandeWallCindy VandeWall
Pre-Award Assistant
(607) 255-6038
Mindy McGill-CarlisonMindy McGill-Carlison
Senior Pre-Award Specialist
(607) 255-2942
Engineering: CBE
Ryan VannRyan Vann, Associate Team Lead
Senior Pre-Award Specialist
(607) 255-4773
Engineering: MSE
Shane MedinaShane Mikhail Medina
Pre-Award Specialist
(607) 255-4795
Engineering: ECE
Emily VanScoyEmily VanScoy
Grant Coordinator
(607) 255-4692
Engineering: CEE