Report a COI Concern

Cornell’s Conflicts of Interest (COI) policies and procedures are designed to ensure that the integrity of Cornell research is preserved by eliminating any reasonable doubts that the research results are biased by financial self-interests, while also protecting the academic freedom and best interests of students, faculty, and staff. Part of this responsibility is to address any COI-related concerns.

If you have COI-related concerns, you should discuss your concerns with the person involved and attempt to resolve them together. If you don’t feel safe or comfortable doing so, or if your concerns are not resolved by the discussion, you can discuss the situation with others such as your supervisor, HR representative for your unit/college, Director of Graduate Studies, or the Chair of your Special Committee, Conflict Manager, or the COI office. If none of these options is practical for you, consider reporting your concern via the Cornell EthicsPoint hotline (1-866-293-3077) or through the EthicsPoint website.

Cornell is committed to protecting the reputation and confidentiality of individuals who report ethical concerns and will take all appropriate steps to do so. All reported concerns are handled per Cornell University Policy 4.6 on Standards of Ethical Conduct.