Report an Exposure to Recombinant or Biohazardous Materials

To report any on-campus emergency, call Cornell Police at 911 on a Cornell phone, 255-1111 on a cell phone

  • Needlestick
  • Contact with eyes, nose, mouth
  • Inhalation of aerosolized material (e.g., large spill outside of biological safety cabinet agents at BSL-3)
  • Contact with open wounds, cuts, scratches
  • Bites/scratches from infected animals
  • Bites from animals with introduced r/sNA molecules
  • Release or loss of transgenic plants, animals or materials

If personnel exposure to infectious agents or r/sNA:

  • Splash to eyes: Flush with water at eyewash for 10 minutes
  • Needlestick injuries, cuts, scratches, animal bites: Wash area with soap and water for 10 minutes
  • Perform first aid, if applicable
  • Notify supervisor
  • Seek an urgent medical evaluation at Cayuga Medical Center or other healthcare provider qualified to manage urgent medical concerns as soon as possible after an exposure.
  • Document exposures, injuries, and illnesses in the Cornell University Injury/Illness/Exposure Report,
  • Report the exposure to the Cornell Health Occupational Medicine Department at 607-255-6960.
  1. Immediately report the incident to the Principal Investigator and the Institutional Biosafety Officer (askEHS ; 255-8200)
  2. Report the incident to the Cornell Health Occupational Medicine Department. (607-255-6960)
  3. Individual along with supervisor must file an Injury/Illness/Exposure Reporting form at:

  1. File an Injury/Illness/Exposure Reporting form with the staff member at
  2. If incident involves r/sNA molecules the PI shall contact the Biosafety officer within 24 hours. Below is a link to the Template for accident reporting:
  3. Then, click on Incident Reporting Template
  4. The report template shall be sent to the Biosafety Officer or the IBC administrator

Process of review after a report is filed

Biosafety Officer

  • The Biosafety Officer will investigate the incident and prepare a report for the IBC

Institutional Biosafety Committee

  • Will review the incident and set measures to mitigate the problem and preclude its reoccurrence

Office of Research Integrity and Assurance

  • Report to appropriate federal agencies as deemed necessary

Cornell Health Occupation Medicine

  • Provide input on medical concerns.

Contact Information for reporting: