Potential U.S. Federal Government Shutdown: Research Continuity Guidance

With the concerns about COVID19 still dominating our lives and our work, much of our planning has been focused on the pandemic. However, in preparation for a time when we will return to normal activities, Cornell University must be positioned to move forward as a leading research institution.

Without a concrete plan and resources in place for the next decade, we will be unable to sustain the state-of-the-art scientific research infrastructure that has contributed to our successes over the years, and for which Cornell has become well known.

To this end, the Vice President for Research and Innovation, Emmanuel Giannelis, has formed an Infrastructure Committee that will develop a 5-10 year strategic plan to address the current and future issues related to research infrastructure.

Read the Report: Scientific Research Infrastructure Report (06/04/21)

Committee Members

  • Paula Cohen (Co-Chair)
  • Ritchie Patterson (Co-Chair)
  • Jim Cordes
  • Brian Crane
  • Joel Brock
  • Matt DeLisa
  • Peter Enns
  • Claudia Fischbach
  • Julio Giordano 
  • Jen Grenier
  • Haym Hirsh
  • Natalie Mahowald
  • Susan McCouch
  • Saurabh Mehta
  • Dan Ralph
  • David Russell
  • David Shmoys
  • Marcus Smolka

Areas of Interest

The Committee has defined 5 broad, and purposefully overlapping areas for technology and innovation, cutting across all areas of scientific research at Cornell. Please note that these classifications relate only to broad technology areas and DO NOT define research directions or priorities for the University. They are intended only to assist us organizationally as we analyze survey responses and structure our report.

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Next Generation Materials and Structures
  • Matter, Energy, Space and Time
  • Global Health, Climate, and Sustainability