Sponsored Projects Portal is Retired

Cornell’s new Research Administration Support System (RASS) is now live for all departments and units.

Use RASS to do the following:

  • Review the status of your projects and associated OSP comments and updates
  • Search for project information, including project dates, dollars, and documents
  • Enter submitted dates for deliverables
  • Submit project change requests, including no-cost extensions, budget revisions, and changes in committed effort for key personnel
  • Submit change requests for non-financial agreements
  • Initiate or submit change requests for subawards
  • Generate baseline current and pending reports

Step-by-step instructions are available on the RASS Guide site. 

Other Systems Updated or Retired

As RASS is rolled out, other systems at Cornell are being updated and some are being retired.

The Sponsored Projects Portal is retired as of May 1. All of the data from the Sponsored Projects Portal for active projects and those projects closed within the last five years has been moved into RASS.

  • RA Dashboard. Data in the RA Dashboard will no longer be updated as of April 30th. Monitoring and reporting of financial information is available through the new Research Financials Dashboard in WebFin2.
  • PI Dashboard. The PI Dashboard has been fully remediated to use RASS data.

Questions or Feedback

If you have other questions about your projects or the information you see in RASS, please contact: rass@research.cornell.edu. The RASS team is standing by to answer any questions or provide assistance.