Travel Costs

During budget preparation, consideration should be given to expenses for attending professional meetings, field work travel and living allowances, consultation with experts, and meetings required by the sponsor. Travel expenses and requests should be clearly justified and reasonable. The budget should be based on historical data, Cornell's Travel Policy, airline quotes from a travel agency, and sponsor guidelines.

Travel costs are classified as those expenses for transportation, lodging, subsistence and related items incurred by employees who are traveling on official University business.

  • Unless otherwise stated by the sponsor, domestic travel is considered to be travel among any of the 50 United States, its possessions and territories, and Canada.
  • Foreign travel is classified as travel outside these areas.

Travel in excess of commercial coach airfare is normally nonrecoverable. Foreign travel is a restricted category by most federal agencies and requires prior approval by the sponsor. When costs are charged to a federally-sponsored agreement the use of U.S. flag carriers is required.

The budget justification page should include:

  • Number of trips
  • Purpose and relationship to the project
  • Estimated costs for each trip 
  • For foreign travel include the countries to be visited and the visit dates