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CU601: Responsible Conduct of Research and Research Security

Federal requirements for training on sponsored research awards are changing. To keep Cornell’s research activities in compliance with requirements from the federal government, Research & Innovation partnered with eCornell to develop a new course covering both the responsible conduct of research and research security. This short, new course is customized to our community and provides an efficient way to fulfill those government training requirements, delivered to you by our own campus experts.

The new course:  

  • Meets the current federal requirements for research security training. 
  • Meets Responsible Conduct of Research Training requirements as set forth by federal agencies.
  • Replaces previous courses in Responsible Conduct of Research. (If you work with animal or human subjects, additional training requirements still apply.) 

 The course, CU601 - Responsible Conduct of Research and Research Security, will be assigned to anyone who is named on or paid on a research project at Cornell. You’ll receive a notification from CULearn that it has been assigned to you.  
Note: the course takes about 30 minutes to complete. Please take it using a laptop or desktop computer. It is not designed for use on mobile devices. Be sure to complete the 1-question quiz at the end and click Submit Quiz so that your completion is registered.