If you’re collaborating with researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine on externally funded projects, staff in the Office of Sponsored Programs facilitate proposal submission and award acceptance. 

Collaborative projects between researchers on the Cornell Ithaca-based campus (Cornell-Ithaca) and Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) are supported by a single, unified process for submitting proposals and accepting awards.

Cornell-Ithaca’s Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) and WCM’s Office of Sponsored Research Administration (OSRA) have developed an administrative process that ensures each campus and their researchers are able to successfully administer externally funded cross-campus collaborative projects. Information outlining the administrative processes including budget creation, proposals, awards, and invoicing can be located at the Sponsored Research Procedures page of the Cornell Academic Integration site.

Cornell’s Academic Integration initiative provides support for intercampus collaborations, including seed funding, research resources and intercampus navigation. For more information about these efforts, visit the Academic Integration site.