Appendix B: Office Responsible for Post-Award Administration

Additional Considerations when Preparing a Proposal - Appendix B

Appendix B to the "Additional Things to Consider when Preparing a Proposal" page, explains which office handles the various aspects of post-award administration.

Determining the office responsible for the negotiation, acceptance, and related post-award administration of external funding awards, is dependent on the type of sponsor and the type of award terms.


The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for the following:

  • When the sponsor is a Federal, State, or Local Government;
  • When a sponsored project contains one or more of the following:
    • Specific deliverables requiring full indirect cost recovery;
    • Requires sponsor input during performance (e.g., cooperative agreements);
    • Publication restrictions;
    • Sponsor's use of University facilities;
    • Sponsor's purchase order form;
    • Requires detailed financial reports and/or invoices other than pledge follow-up; or
    • Other terms and conditions where the University is required to provide warranties, insurance, or indemnification.


The University Development Office is responsible for the following:

  • When the sponsor is an individual donor;
  • All gifts and grants, whether restricted or unrestricted, when the award contains terms requiring no more than:
    • Statement of purpose or restriction;
    • A program report, which may include a general statement of how funds were used; or
    • Acknowledgement.

Exceptions: For awards that may not fit clearly in any category above, consultation between the two offices will be necessary to determine the best post-award administration.