Appendix A: Where to Route a Funding Request

Additional Considerations when Preparing a Proposal - Appendix A

Appendix A to the "Additional Things to Consider when Preparing a Proposal" page, explains to which office funding requests are to be routed.

All requests for external funding of University activities are institutional actions requiring the administration or approval of either the Office of Sponsored Programs or the appropriate program within the University Development office. Determining which office to contact depends on the type of sponsor and type of funding request.

Route to the Office of Sponsored Programs for the following sponsor/funding request types:

  • Federal/State/Local Government
  • All other sponsor/funding request types that are not associated with the University Development Office

Route to the University Development Office for the following sponsor/funding request types:

  • Endowment
  • Capital Project (e.g., construction, renovation)
  • Financial Aid (scholarship/fellowship programs)
  • Non-research academic programs
  • Sponsor has a special relationship with Cornell*


* Foundation Relations maintains a list of foundations with whom the University has developed a special relationship; at present this list contains 40 foundations. In order to be successful with these sponsors, investigators should first consult with Foundation Relations (254-7177).