RASS (Form 10 is Phased Out)

Use RASS to submit proposals to OSP online.

All proposals must be routed for approvals using RASS, Cornell's new online research administration support system. All proposal details, including budgets, personnel, current and pending, and associated protocols (IRB, IACUC, etc.) can be set up in RASS. 

Use RASS for your Proposal

RASS is Cornell's new online system for research administration and support. When you route a proposal using RASS, all of the approvals can be done concurrently by the required people. No more routing a PDF via email. 

Need Help or Training?

If this is your first time using RASS, contact rass@research.cornell.edu for help getting started. You can send questions or comments to that address any time for assistance.

The support team has office hours every Tuesday & Thursday from 1:00-2:00 pm. Join via Zoom for help with your questions. 

What should be submitted in RASS?

  • New proposals, including pre-proposals
  • Supplemental funding requests

What revisions should I submit in RASS?

  • Change in PI
  • Increase or decrease to the awarded budget if it impacts the scope of work
  • Change to F&A or cost-share
  • Changes in compliances, including those no longer applicable (OSP will also accept an email confirmation for changes to compliances)

Form 10 (Phased Out)

Form 10 has been phased out. 

Submitting a Proposal

Note: Complete instructions for using RASS are on the RASS Guide site

Submission Timeline:

OSP requests that researchers submit all proposal documentation at least 5 full business days prior to the sponsor’s proposal submission deadline. This processing time enables OSP to review the materials to ensure compliance with institutional policies, federal regulations, sponsor requirements, and to resolve any problems that might negatively impact proposal submission, acceptance by the sponsor, and the subsequent negotiation of the award. Proposals submitted less than 2 full business days prior to the sponsor deadline will be submitted to the sponsor without review. The risk of having a proposal rejected by the sponsor, or of OSP being unable to submit, increases when the proposal is submitted to OSP less than 2 days in advance of the sponsor deadline. Review the details of OSP’s review process.

Submission Basics 

OSP Number:

The OSP Number is assigned by OSP when a new proposal is submitted with a completed Form 10. Provide the existing OSP number for all revisions, renewals or other changes to existing projects or proposals.

  • Revision – Request for a change in the awarded budget, F&A, cost share, compliances or key personnel.
  • Renewal –Request for additional funding and time on an existing project (e.g. NIH competitive renewal).
  • Other – e.g. Supplement (Request for additional funds within the term of an award that were not included in the original submission) or any change to information on a previously approved Form 10.
Principal Investigator (PI):
  • If the PI or Co-PI is not listed in the PI Title field, addition approval to serve as PI is required. Approval of Other PI Title or Non-Listed PI title is confirmed via signature in RASS. See Cornell’s PI Eligibility Policy.
F&A/Indirect Costs:
  • If the rate is not Cornell’s full rate, or if the proposal includes multiple rates, explain why.
Cost Sharing:
  • Mandatory: Funds required by the sponsor as a condition of obtaining the award.
  • Voluntary: Funds committed to a project that are not required by the sponsor however, are quantified in the proposal and are binding commitments.
Subawards or Other Resources Specified in the Proposal:
  • Subawards – a portion of the award that will be allocated to an external organization (see Proposing a Subaward).
  • Restricted Access Data Sets – Data from external organization where access controls are required.

Contact your dept/college for approval and documentation of any extraordinary expenses or commitments for:

  • Expanded network, unusual equipment with special space/other requirements, or renovation/additional space.
Human Participants, Animal Use, r/SNA, GMOS, Biological Agents and Toxins:
  • Approval is generally not required at the time of proposal (check sponsor guidelines) but is always required before OSP can accept an award and release funds. Please initiate the protocol review process accordingly.
Hazardous Chemicals:
  • Contact EH&S at (607) 255-8200 for additional information and guidance.
Foreign activities:
  • Disclosure of foreign activities, which may include foreign collaborators, foreign sponsors, foreign consultants, subcontracts to foreign entities or travel to foreign countries, will alert your grant and contract officer (GCO) if additional steps should be taken to ensure that the research project is carried out as seamlessly as possible. The GCO may advise that consultation with other Cornell offices (e.g. Global Operations, the Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs or the Export Controls Office) is necessary or helpful to the success of the project.

The following approvals are required:

  • PI and all Co-PIs, their home department Chair or Center Director or Director of Extension, and the Chair/Director of the administering department/center if different from the home department.
  • Dean, Provost, or Vice Provost/President if providing cost-sharing beyond standard 50% GRA tuition or as required by College.
  • College of Arts and Sciences Dean if the proposal includes faculty leave or release time.