Research Development Services

Supports for proposal development to increase competitiveness for large-scale multi-disciplinary grants, center grants, and training grants; help new faculty successfully launch their research careers; and help diversify funding streams.

How We Can Help

Proposal Advancement: Support is focused on center grants, complex, multi-PI grants, training grants and other grants of strategic importance. Research Development support includes the following services:

  • Supporting overall and sponsor-specific proposal strategy
  • Coordinating project team meetings
  • Identifying additional campus expertise and resources
  • Managing proposal submission schedules
  • Drafting letters of commitment from Cornell and partner institutions
  • Drafting other non-technical components of a proposal
  • Providing outreach and guidance in areas of grantsmanship and grant-writing
  • Providing faculty resources to assist in proposal writing
  • Providing evaluation expertise in partnership with CORE, the Cornell Office of Research Evaluation. Research Development and CORE Staff can help develop planning models (e.g., logic and concept) and evaluation plans.
  • Liaising between your proposal team and the Office of Sponsored Programs or Office of the Vice Provost for Research
  • Bridging the gap between the technical research content and the administrative components of a proposal.

Training: Research development provides agency and funding opportunity announcement-specific training (for example NSF CAREER, NSF, NIH, DOD, USDA).

Fall 2020 Grant Fellows Workshop for Early-career Faculty 

Team Science: Research development at Cornell promotes a multi-disciplinary team approach, and fosters collaboration among diverse faculty, in order to better position faculty for large, center grants. Research development staff strategically cultivate and develop teams around broad topics of interest in response to upcoming, federal funding priorities.

Early Career Faculty Development:  Research development staff work with early career faculty one-on-one on research strategic planning and grant writing best practices, and help to identify and connect faculty with career development resources on campus.

New to Cornell? Cornell Research Concierge Service provides research-related assistance and resources for faculty new to Cornell University.

Faculty Positioning: Research development staff work with faculty to identify the right funders for their research and to build relationships with program officers at their funding agencies.

Funding Opportunities: Research development staff disseminate selected federal and non-federal funding announcements campus-wide, or within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Staff also curate a list of popular or strategically important funding opportunities.

Limited Submissions: Both the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and College of Agriculture and Life Sciences manage numerous limited submissions competitions. Research development staff advertise competitions, support the Research Advisory Committee in selecting internal winners, communicate review results and feedback, and work with successful internal candidates or teams on proposal advancement.

To discuss your Research Development needs or to ask about any of the services mentioned above, please do not hesitate to email Research Development at Cornell University.


In the Office of Sponsored Programs

Carmel Lee
Associate Director of Research Development
Office of Sponsored Programs
Cornell University / 373 Pine Tree Road / Ithaca NY 14850
T: 607-255-8364 

Gayle Fagan
Program Manager
Office of Sponsored Programs
Cornell University / 373 Pine Tree Road / Ithaca NY 14850
T: 607-255-6841

Liz Diaz
Administrative Coordinator
Office of Sponsored Programs
Cornell University / 373 Pine Tree Road / Ithaca NY 14850
T: 607-254-2327

In the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Josephine Martell
Director of Research Development
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Cornell University / B05 Bruckner Hall / Ithaca NY 14850
T: 607-255-8835